Tuesday, June 23, 2009

me @ kfc,terminal 2

mmmmm...wondering y am i here at T2 kfc hehehe...it almost 9.30pm, and my cousin already in the plane. Then, meaning that i hv to wait 4 'bout 1 hour for her to landed at kk T2.Lucky la hv bring my laptop along while cuci mata looking at the kfc's hensem boy hahaha. Ramai jg org malam ni, tgok kat list td ada yg fly g KL and JB.
Ada guy sitting infront of my table, his handphone something like blackberry 1..and i'm sure he is surfing also hahaha..ramai jg org putih ni,comel2 lg anak2 mat salleh tu =). And at the corner, ada couple, the girl is crying..dont know who will be leaving his or her...ley tahan gak comel gurl tu but that mamat tak hensem lg. Heehehehe..that kfc guy senyum2 pula tgok dorg..isshhh mgumpat lak dlm blog..k,la...nnt tulis lg,nite blog..=)

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