Wednesday, December 2, 2009

december..welcome :)

haaaaaaaaa..its 12.57am in the morning.Why am i still awake..nahhh ni la bila gila tgok dvd hehe. Sekarang ni time final exam until 13 dis, then will be taking my leave until new year. Wohaaa..cuti sakan nampak jut hehe. This time will be invigilate d exam only 2 days, this coming friday and monday. After that will be goyang kaki dtg opis :).Ermmm love that..
My current lovely drama: IRIS..yesss bcoz of u my dear Lee Byung-Hun, just download his movie..The good the bad and the weird..
Asal tak ngantuk ni..dah 4 hari tak minum nescafe..tapi td try nescafe baru tu..white coffee tu. Apasal la old town coffee hazelnut tu susah mau cari, kat Giant dah lama takde, kat Servay lagi i lum cari.....

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